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Gunde by neopokles
A german shepard that my dads neighbor sometimes watches. Really huge dog, and super sweet. Although Neo does not agree. 
A dog and his ball by neopokles
A dog and his ball
Bought a football (soccerball) when I heard this guy was at my dads neighbour. The dog is crazy for balls, and play over all ^^
Ibra and Hektor by neopokles
Ibra and Hektor
Ibra, a swedish moosehound and Hektor a laika (a russian moosehound).
To bad they are always in a kennel, whenever they arent, they are in the forest hunting, and that is also really hard to get pics of.


neopokles's Profile Picture
Hi, this is my photography account from now on, have been thinking about starting one for a while but never got around to do it.

Most of my pictures here will be taken with my iPhone or iPad, but I do have a new camera bought in 2012 I think it was. Dont remember the name of it at this moment, but its a compact digital camera, Canon, with 12.1 MP. Not that that means anything to me :XD: I just point and shoot.

I'm not even a hobby-photographer, I just take pics sometimes, and most of them are just trash anyway. But I hope I can get the interest up for this thing :nod:

I strongly recomend my Favourites gallery over my own. There I collect the gems I find among pics portraying animals and nature. There are just so many pics out there that are great but it looks silly to fave ten similar looking pics so I usually just pick out one or two I like more. So if you find something in that gallery - dont miss the More-like-this option! That has found me hundreds of favs.

My digital art account is :iconfiffiluren:
22 nov 2015
My mind is torn between so many places right now, of all the things I love and the shit I have to live with. 
Rewatched Avatar last week for the first time in so long. I always wait a long time between the views, just to savor it more. Or whatever. This world is the one that has impacted me the most of all the worlds I have fallen in love with. After I saw this on the big screen in january 2009 i had this on my mind for over a month. Thinking of nothing ells. Wanting nothing ells than that it would be real and exist somewhere (something I picked up from an other favoritworld is - All the stories are true.) So I just keep telling myself that Pandora is out there somewhere. It might have an other name or whatever but maybe, just maybe, it is out there somewhere. 
What if humans dont really have that great of an imagination? What if the worlds we create are worlds we come from? Somewhere we lived before coming to earth? And the stories are memories. Would'nt that be just awesome? Just imagine the size of the universe, if all these worlds are not out there - that would be an awful waste of space. And all the worlds and stories still waiting be remembered...
And as I said, I rewatched it last week. And have gotten inspired to do stuff! That does not happen often anymore. But haven't had the opportunity to do anything of it yet, except surf around looking for inspiration. Thinking of building my own Pandora, thinking, pondering how I can do it. And all the things that would be so cool to have, but Im to stupid to create it myself and if anyone out there has, I havent heard of it. 
What I can do is make my own models, maybe. Have been living on youtube to see how to make paper mache models - so that I can make my own ikran, and a toruk. Maybe a palulukan. Will se how long this inspiration holds on, if I can do it next week when Im back at my house and have the space to maneuver.
Played the games a long time ago, the one for pc and the one for wii. They were actually two separate ones. Likes the pc better, it was freer and you could fly your ikran however you wanted. Now I want it for PS, but it does not exist anywhere, no one sells it anymore. will have to find a used copy.
Think I played it on this laptop before, but not sure. Remember that it was very sloe even if I had the absolute minimum settings in the game. Will have to get myself a game computer later...
Now they shoved it on tv, two days in a row. 
This movies shows just what kinds of humans there are out there. The greedy and spineless, the one who just gives the orders and then hang back so they dont have to see the carnage. The bloodthirsty ones, that thrives in bringing destruction to others, who dont do it for money, but for the perverse joy of bringing pain and suffering to others. And those that are so blind and ignorant, that they under no circumstances can understand someone ells es way of living, that someone ells es world is different from the one they come from. And then there are those that try, they are vastly outnumbered. And not even they fully understand every time. 
I hate this world. An Earth without humans could have been beautiful, but now...
I just want to get lost in the dream. 

Am also playing a lot of Assasins Creed. Getting lost in time. 

I hate this existence. They way things are now. How I feel shackled, to this town, this job, this world. Like im bound by this flexie-leash, that will only let me go so far. You know... the biggest problem some people have is that they are born in the wrong body. Me, I'm born in the wrong world. 

  • Mood: confused, sad, misplaced, occasionally inspired
  • Listening to: Avatar soundtrack
  • Reading: Jo Nesbo Gengångaren (have been reading a lot of crime-books lately, just to change it up)
  • Watching: Once upon a time, and Avatar
  • Playing: Rise of Berk, Candy crush and Assassins Creed Freemdom cry, Chronicles China and Dead Kings
  • Eating: nothing that taste any good, nothing is god anymore..
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8 sep 2015
So my best friend (yes I have one of those if I just allow myself to believe it for a second), and I were talking about "my dog-situation" and how I could make it work someday (still need an apartment or a house here in this shit-hole) and she mentioned rescue-dogs. We dont have an equivalent to RSPCA here but there are places that take unwanted dogs and try to re-home them. I had been peeking at their pages earlier but tried not to put my mind to much into it. Until now that is. A quick google-search and I found five sites for rescuers that work with swedish and imported dogs, street-dogs from Ireland, Gran Canaria, Spain and Romania. I have always loved streetdogs (as I have mentioned in the first passage of this journal) cause they look so primitive, the way I think a dog should look. Especially the dogs from Ireland (lots of lurchers) and Romania. So I instantly fell in love with twelve dogs, three or so were real heartbreakers, that I could have just gone and picked up at the first opportunity. 
But of course I cant.
I just hate people that just go out on the internet, fall in love with a dog over a picture and just get it a day/week later (when I cant do that). Or people in general who can just go online and get whatever they want without a second thought. Spacing out...
My PS4 proke during my vacation, it just would not start one day (think it can be because of the humongous thunderstorm we had that week, but I have a lot that speaks against it) so now Im debating whether I should send it in to try and get it fixed (bought it online) and maybe get money back, cause its not even a year old, and pay for the sending (expensive like hell) or if I should just saw screw that and buy a new one - the one I actually wanted. Cause with my luck Im not getting any money back anyway.

To go back to earlier subject, Ill try to link some pics of dogs I totally fell for.
Was even half thinking about going down to Romania during an off-week to meet the dogs in person, but that can only happen if it is ever time to actually get a dog. Or I would be crushed

  • Mood: chronically sad
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  • Reading: started over on the Game of Thrones, but regretted it 150 pages in, will se if I finish
  • Watching: tv
  • Playing: Tapped out, Rise of Berk, Candy crush and Arkham City
  • Eating: not enough, havent had an appetite today - at all
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8 jul 2015
Have been thinking about my next post for a while, and I had stuff to write down, and then I forgot. Typical. Have a cold, a mild but annoying one. 
Working night this week, and they are usually the slowest shift - not this week. I work in a place where when something goes wrong it usually leaves a huge mess that we have to clean up. That happened yesterday - twice. So a little extra sore today from shoveling gravel for a few hours. Was really pissed off about it, cause one of those messes was very easily avoided, and its gonna take days to get rid of it. But then, we have something to do if we almost fall asleep.
So am sleeping all the time, and when Im awake Im just waiting til I can take a nap or go to bed. 
Depressed like never before these days, my "age" are getting to me, among other things. Not even 25 yet, but feel like Im 13 and 100 at the same time. so messed up...

Have also been thinking alot about the rats, why it turned out the way it did with them, and I think I know why now. Yes, I always wanted rats, and in school of 2009 I kinda-sorta had one. She came from the same situation as these boys. They never get handled by humans other than when they get their cage cleaned. So they are more or less wild. But rats are smart animals, they ough to figure out after a while that humans arent scary all the time right?
The thing is, in school I was enthusiastic, and I was not that depressed or sad during my last year there so I had more energy and was more engaged, had more patience. Now, I cant take care of myself very good, so how do you think everything ells goes? I just cant find it in me to care. And I only see the setbacks, not the progress. 
And the biggest thing was - we never clicked.
With my girl Jossi, I fell in love with her the moment I hell her - that made me so much more determined and engaged. So we became friends really fast. 
Not with these guys, the first time I saw them I saw Merlin first and thought "Oh a blue hooded, so cute", and then I saw Gandalf and was disapionted cause he is a roan. Never found roans to be a very interesting color in rats. And had wanted girls when I came, they had plenty, but apparantly noone wanted these boys, and I got the cage as well so who was I to say no? The first week was great! I could not stop smiling cause a dream had come true, but that quickly faded when they developed so slowly. And now we are at a slandstill. I know you should never compare, but I do all the time - compare them to Jossi, how very different they are.
They most twisted thing is - I cant stop looking at other rats, I was thinking to get a third boy eventually when these guys get up in age, but Im looking already, cause I want a rat that I click with. That want to be with ME. Like Jossi.

Got the Arkham Knight last week, went from 0-100% in about 45 hours. That game gave me nightmares. Well almost. Had a suspicion who the Knight was and turned out I was right, but that does not matter. The ending nearly killed me. The world of Batman is one of those I love the most - that really gets to me. I really live in that world when I play the game - I am the Batman. And to live through that with him and all the other characters really wrecked me. Im still not normal and its been three days since I finished. Have a few of those worlds that I just love so much, and to see them drastically change or be forgotten or even destroyed, that breaks my heart. Even if I can always relive it again and again. Be it a book, a movie or a game. But I want the story to continue, I always want more stories, to spend more time with my favorite characters, cause in a way they are my closest friends. Even if my only interaction is from behind a glasswall (sometimes banging on that wall, with them unable to hear me), standing there just watching them go through whatever and there is nothing I can do to help, exept try to live it through with them - from afar of course...
The worst thing this has given me is a feeling of missing someone. Someone that never even existed. I find myself very often starting to say something just to look beside me and there is noone there. I dont have that best friend who knows me so well, and that I spend all my time with. But then again, Im not a kid anymore. The time to find those people is long gone.

  • Mood: tired, sick, sore, alone
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  • Reading: nothing, have to pick a new book, and dont feel like reading any of the ones I have here...
  • Watching: Race to the edge, soon Teen Wolf
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17 jun 2015
The tiredness Ive felt for so long are dipping into raw sadness. Im literally crying on the inside almost all the time. And whenever Im alone I just crack open and weep. Anything can trigger it. But never when there are people around to see. Never. 
It's worse whenever Im in town, like now, at home in my house I can focus on other things and it does not overwhelm me there. Summer has kicked in good, we are just waiting for it to get a bit warmer, but everything is green. Not like this ogre-hole of a city. 
And I feel that my trust in the dogbreeder I mentioned before (the ones with the Canaans) is slipping. Not that it really matters since Ill never get a dog and especially not from them, but Im starting to question why they do it. They have this very rare breed of dog called Canaan. And they seem to take very good care of them and knows their business and all. And they have raised other breeds before. But the thing is, they are having a lot of litters. I have gotten the impression that a serious breeder dont get more than one maybe two litters per year - these guys are on their fifth - since september. So Im starting to question them if they are doing it to increase the population of the breed, or if they are just taking advantage of their "good material" or if they are just after money? They sometimes have one pup still unsold when the new ones arrive and dont know what happens to them, since they seam to just dissapear.
Their website is missing a few bits, the puppy-page is just showing their current litter. And nothing of previous or planned ones that I have seen almost every other breeder of whatever type of animal have. And unsold puppies cant be seen there either. Nothing that points to pups still looking for homes. Maybe they just dont like the extra work, or the website will take up to much space or whatever. Cant know until I actually talk to them, which will never happen so...
My cats still like me though, Tyra is always happy to see me and Neo is still my best friend. Neo gets a little restless whenever we are in town and he dont get to go out as he wishes, but he dont go crazy or anything. 
So much I wanted to write, but cant concentrate anymore.

25 years old in three months. Most people have done so much by then. Getting houses, work, families, their third dog, gone to school for an additional five years after graduation, traveled around the world... The list can go on. What have I done? Nothing. Have never even fallen in love. Dont think I can.

Dont know when this became my complaint-blog, have had one of those before but rarely write there anymore, I also have a journal, but writing by hand is tough, and I make a lot of mistakes. Maybe I should start a new one soon, this is getting pretty long...

  • Mood:  sad, depressed, broken, useless, scared and Im always cold
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  • Reading: Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare (I finished book seven of the Iron-druid, so now Im waiting for the last two books)
  • Watching: DogWhisperer
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28 may 2015
Had my first real leave of work ever! Had 24 days off and spent them all at home, in my house. Brought both of my cats and they love it! To bad I cant bring both of them every time I go... Tyra has, as Ive mentioned before, very big issues with traveling. But we all needed it. 
Have been back at work now for four days, and it's already going downhill. The first day was great! I felt I could do anything. And then came Tuesday. Am so tired, we start at six in the morning til two in the afternoon, so its not so long. But its early! And I am no morning-person. So am tired from the time I get up til somewhere around eight at night, and when it's time for bed an hour later I still cant fall asleed. And if I take a nap after work, everything is ruined.
But enough about that.
Something I did not want to and feared would happen, of course, has happened. I know myself to well to fool myself otherwise. 
I've had Merlin and Gandalf for three months now, and the progress is pretty nonexisting. They hate hands. And everything that moves, or makes a noice. Or at least sudden ones. I can play with them in their cage, tickle them and stroke them, without them shying away, they even come back for more half the times. But they dont like me picking them up. They can climb up on my hand or arm, but will then do nothing or go back down or climb up on the cageroof, rather than my shoulder. And speaking of shoulders - my rats wont stay on mine! They are rather inside my clothes running in circles inside my hoodie. And if I ever try to have them out on my bed, they hardly leave my shirt, and if it move whenever they are out in the open they panic and hides - not always with me I might add. At the house I had them on the sofa, and most of the time they just hide under something for all the time they are there, could be hours. If I pick them up and put them somewhere ells to get them to explore a little they just dart right back into their hidingplace. Gandalf is a little tougher and has walked around on the couch, sniffing, checking things out. Merlin is so curious, but he's a chicken. He loves it when I tickle him in the cage, but outside of it - not so much.
And they dont get nearly as much attention as I would wish to give them. I blame the third cat. Had it just been me and my cats they door would be open always, and I would not worry. But with her here, I can never really relax whenever it is. Once I was sitting on the floor with the cage door open and she was sitting next to me. I was not paying attention to her and suddenly she just leapt over me and into the cage. Luckily I grabbed her in time and no harm came to the boys. But still, shook me up a bit, and them...
And it does not matter how much I try to correct her or how, she still wont let them alone. But I think my dad might have gotten to her a few times now, cause she is more cautious around the cage whenever Im in the room (when she thinks Im asleep, she will literally gnaw at the hatch to try and open it). I seriously dont like that cat...
Need to get my own place, but again is my future at work uncertain, we got a new top-boss that is not afraid to fire people instead of wait for retirements. And always - last in - first out. I suppose. People are talking about October, guess he'll start checking the plants then to see where he can make cuts. Hopefully not with us, we always go one short these days and it's exhausting.
Mixed feeling about it. The job is ok, i just wish it and the house were at the same place so I would not have to live in my parents apartment in a town I hate.

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  • Reading: Hunted by Kevin Hearne (working on the Iron-Druid series, awesome!! series, read it if you like all kinds of mythology, like me)
  • Watching: catching up on my shows
  • Playing: replaying the Arkham games in wait for Arkham Knight (release date 23 June!!)
  • Eating: cherries, red grapefruit, hazel Japp and cinnamon hard bread
  • Drinking: blood orange soda

10 mar 2015

Did not say screw it about the dog, I did it about the rats. Two weeks days ago I visited my old school with a small hope that they still had rat-babies still seeking their own homes. They did. So an opportunity to good to turn down - I went home that day with two new family-members. Eleven years! have I waited to get my own rats, and this time I said screw it. I know dad's not gonna like it, but at least he knows about them now. Mom let it slip when she talked to him a few days ago, that way he has some time to get used to the idea and then forget about them. It was a fight I was terrified of getting into, now I hopefully wont have to.
The cats are still a work in progress. Mt cats are fine. But Luna cant leave them alone for to long. Fortunately the boys feel very safe in their cage and mostly ignore her when she sits outside staring at them. Outside the cats are still vary scary, but I have no doubt they will get used to them in time.
Pictures will come later.

  • Mood: tired and a little sad, have had an awesome week with my new boys though
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  • Reading: A wise mans fear by Patrick Rothfuss
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24 feb 2015
I said screw it


14 feb 2015
The thing messing with my head these days is looking for an apartment. Have seen two perfect ones but Im not getting myself into bidding. WHY? I dont hate my job, but its not something I want to do until retirement or until the company crashes or until they fire me (which they actually might do, due to budgetcuts and last in - first out). So, do I want to spend my entire saving and take a loan that is even bigger than that to buy a small apartment in a town I absolutely hate and know I have to stay at a job I dont fully heartedly want for some years more only to come to pay off the loan. And then what? It does not help that my dad is so anti this, he goes on and on about a car-space with heatercable (we need those in the winter or the car wont start or break), not to mention the price of a small apartment. This has a spartingbid of half a million swedish (rughly 60K US or 38.5K £).
Im 24 years old, isnt it time for me to get out of my parents house? I tried with the house - but a job is hard to find. Well not hard exactly, but nothing I want to do.
In this town I just go between the bed, the job and the food-store. NOTHING ells. I have nothing in this town. And little in the one where my house is. But I think that would be the case wherever I go.
I have to get out, at least twice a week I get so down I just want to fall dead on the spot. Last monday (two weeks ago) was the worst thing I ever experienced, have no idea what happened but I just wanted out of my own head and body so bad... really hard to describe. 
But as usual these things are worse when Im alone - what does that mean if I get my own place? At the house Im more active, cause I have to go out to feed the birds, shovel snow, take in firewood and then keep the fire alive indoors. So Im not as passive as I am here. That helps. Here I just dont have the energy to even move.

Was so close to just saw screw it and get me a couple of rats last week. My old school announced that they had a bunch of baby-rats for sale (along with other animals), and I just snapped (three weeks ago). I was so angry and sad and frustrated for a whole day. Just wanted to punch something. Maybe I should have. And that was just the breaking point, tuns of other stuff is also bothering me at the same time.
As I said, I was so close to going there and just pick out a pair, but my car was still in the carshop. Sooo - stranded. And then there was a viewing on an apartment, which I had fallen in love with but had NO chans of getting. And when I got the car back I was just so deflated, exhausted. So didnt go even if most of my free week was still ahead. 
Those rats are probably dead by now, cause thats what they do, babies noone wants they have no room for so they kill them (yes, there are more humane words for it, but basically that is what happens). That is what happend to my Jossi after all.

So, now I hast live with these lumps in my chest and stomach, constantly feeling that I should do something before the time runs out. And I just sit by passively doing nothing and then regret it when its to late. Story of my life. Just cause I dont have the energy anymore. 

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14 jan 2015
So, looks like I'll be getting a job at that mine I've been at since 2011. A more permanent job. They just dont have room for me where Im currently working so I might have to relocate. And I really do not want to. It's a daytime job - meaning - no more time to go to my house. Can only go there a few times a year, unless I want to exhaust my already drained mind by going over a weekend, its a four hour drive and I only get one day.
Did I mention I really do not want this job?
So, have been starting to look for apartments in town, they are not cheap. Seriously, you have to pay thrice as much as I did for the house and get half the indoor space, there are no private outdoor space at all. So it feels like I have to sell the house to get a tiny apartment, to go to a job I don't want in a town I nowadays hate.
Not gonna sell it though... But don't want to have to take a loan either. Don't want to stay here. But you have to have a job to live. But I don't want to live anymore. Can't take it anymore.
Have nothing to live for except my cat. And he is not gonna live forever. 
Sorry, panic-attack...

And that dog I mentioned in the precious entry? On their webpage he was named Chameleon and he was up for sale. Now he is Orion and he stays with the breeder? Don't know if they had the pictures wrong or if they changed their minds. Just know that it crushed me, cause yet again I led myself to believe that maybe this time, this time I could get a dog. Nope. 


1 jan 2o15
So, went to bed yesterday without looking at any fireworks, apart from the few I could not avoid. Working between 14-22 this week so come home kinda late. Don't like new years eve any more, it just reminds me that I am alone, and that another year has passed. One more year of the same shit and misery, of nothing. 
Have been more broken than usual these past couple of days. Have zero energy even though I sleep a lot. But then again, yesterday I woke up at three in the morning and could not fall back asleep for hours.
Usually I'm at least just neutral or indifferent to everything - now I'm outright sad, close to tears half the time and just tired, so tired.
Writing again so soon, cause the Chancos published the first individual photos of the puppies in the so called Starlitter. In their last litter there was this dark red female that just melted me, she and one of her sisters where just the most wonderful I have seen in so long. Of course they were both pegged by other buyers (not that I am a buyer...) Now there is a male with the same gorgeous dark color... And an even white spot over his nose. I'm just... Remembering that I can never get one after falling in love like this is like getting it ripped from my very hands over and over again, while getting yelled in the face "THIS IS NOT FOR YOU!", preferably while kicking me as well.
Can someone just tell me to stop looking!? To stop with this mental torture? And just tell me, that Im supposed to be alone forever, there is no point in getting my hopes up?

And the rats? I don't feel anything from looking at pictures anymore. It's been so long since I had the nice, warm, soft body of a rat curled up next to me, I hardly remember what its like anymore. 

Damn, Im glad no one is reading this...


26 dec 2o14
So, things are a little messed up right now, but one thing at a time.
Didn't go to mu house this week, cause of Christmas and all, so there are an additional week and a half before I can go. But not very motivated anyway. Am so bored I don't know what to do with myself. Was almost inspired to start fixing up the upstairs floors until I found out about my potential new job situation... After that everything just drained from me.
Yes, a new job, maybe. The thing is, they don't really need me anymore at the place Im at, so to keep me in the company they want to relocate me to someplace ells. Which I really do not want! The alternatives are - me going without a job for a few months until they can take me back (YES please, I need the vacation!), or me going to this interview in two week to determine whether I get the job or not - if I do, I could get stuck there for two years! On daytime! Meaning I wont see my house for two years! More or less. And the job is in a very small group, maybe even just me and my "mentor" - I don't do so good with that either, cause that means I have to be social and crap. It's forced on me.
But I know I have become way to comfortable at my position, life is not supposed to be this easy at my age, so change scares the hell out of me. And of course I blame everyone ells for it, cause it's everyone ells' fault Im messed up. It is. Partially. I just don't see why I have to fix it myself, when so many participated in breaking me in the first place?
So I'm more or less terrified of people cause I never learned to deal with them when I was young. I have been on my own for so many years. I mean, I got friends in school, but I don't see them very often...
And also, the dogfront...
Those breeders I mentioned below...? They still got one pup from that litter, he is really cute, and those eyes are to die for. The thing is, they already have a next litter, they are two weeks or something. The female comes from Israel, a breeder there that also works with semi-wild Canaans, and the male has the head of a polar-bear. And most of the pups are so dark... I'm drooling. And I managed to go all day and not look at sales-adds of dogs and then they post that on their wall. Something literally broke inside me. Again. Didn't know I still had something to break.
You can visit their facebook-page if you want and see for yourself.

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  • Eating: candy, waaaaay to much candy
  • Drinking: julmust and milk

P.S Also found a few breeders of pet-rats recently that's not to far from my house. In case you did not know that - rats was the first pet I wanted (after a dog of course), I didn't get rats, I got guinea-pigs cause my dad is afraid of rats. So I started looking for cages that would fit in my room (I still live in two places, where one is very small), and started getting my hopes up. But you have to be realistic. We have a cat here that I can't trust around small animals (she worked with the last guinea-pig but not the mouse), not to mention all the stuff in this room. So they would not get much exercise here. 
And also, I have to be honest with myself - am I gonna have the energy to clean cages again? To keep up their kinda high demands on food? This depression of mine, has gotten me to stop caring. And if I was lazy before, I'm practically dead now. Haven't got energy for anything, same goes for a dog. 
So even if I did get a dog or rats, the depression would probably still be there, even with these wonderful distractions (that I really want (on a good day. On a bad day... its really bad)), cause there are still "the big things" that cause the worst panic-attacks, or would it help give me the strength to live and not just barely survive, as I do now? 

29 sep 2o14
Am obsessing over Canaan dogs these days... fell in love with this breed a while ago and later found a kennel that seems really good (lucky me it a thousand miles away, so there is not even a point in wishing). And they have one male, I have just fallen so hard for, he is bloody beautiful! I mean look at this guy!… :love: The thing is, he is the father of their latest litter. And we get the first pics of the puppies tomorrow when they turn two weeks old. I just know, Im gonna melt completely for at least one of them. So have been torturing myself mentally, reminding myself that I can never get a dog even if they would approve of me as a buyer... 
Have had almost two months with no depression this summer, and I think that might be cause I just cut out dogs all together (well, more or less, some you just cant avoid). But I stopped looking at adds and I more or less stopped the looong looks after every dog on the street. And now I have slipped back into old patterns again...
Son of a... it's hard to explain just how much it means to me! I probably just sound like some whino, who just nags and nags, and express just how sorry everyone should be for me. Well if you interpret this that way, then you havent gotten the message at all, so move on.
Maybe should take my own advise...?
Even ordered books on Canaan, Irish wolfhound and Basenji... Those along with Borzoi are probably my top candidates at this point. But as I said, it does not matter, cause it will never happen... it's just the way life is.

  • Mood:  sad
  • Reading: Blood of tyrants by Naomi Novik and Batman comics
  • Listening to: soundtracks
  • Watching: Gotham, Agents of SHIELD, Witches of East end and soon every other tvshow that starts up now
  • Playing: Assassins Creed, Dragons: Rise of Berk
  • Eating: Too much of everything, have gained some weight this past month...


22 aug 2o14
So, a few weeks ago I wrote a looong section about what is troubling me, but I wont post that here (not only cause its in swedish), this year has literally been the worst of my life so far mentally... BUT have had almost two weeks of good mood, where nothing could bring me down. But now its starting to level out and with just the right push I'll be right back in that black hole again. 

Have basically given up on the dog front all together now, stopped looking at adds, and hardly look at dogs outside any more. I dont know if Ive given up or accepted that it will never happen... It feels like my whole attitude towards dogs has just shifted... Not sure its good or bad either...

When going to the house on monday I think Im gonna start working in the kitchen, change wallpaper and paint the sealing... Maybe get a new kitchen table, and start move in some stuff... If I have time.
Neo started coming with me a few weeks ago, he loves it! He gets to go outside, I took a shot and let him out on his own, so far hes doing fine, even if he strolls a bit far from the house for my taste sometimes. Brought Tyra one week, but she get very panicked in the car and just keeps crying, and eventually vomits and soils herself from the stress of it. And well there she never really settled, so she wasn't herself all week. Maybe I can bring her when Im there for longer than a week...?

Been obsessed with anything Batman lately, have seen all the animated shows (well almost, still got a hundred episodes left of The Batman and Batman Brave and the Bold) and half the movies, found a few more and some Batman/Superman to see also. I've seen the Dark Knight and Rises this week (only once so far, but then the soundtrack is playing instead). And I play the games, Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Arkham origins, for hours a day. Now Im just waiting for Arkham Knight! Not to mention I downloaded a lot of comics to read! :D
Just checked the folder... I have around 1900 comics to read... YEEEAAAH!

  • Mood:  no idea
  • Reading: Abominable by Dan Simmons and lots and lots of Batman comics
  • Listening to: Dark knight rises and Arkham City soundtrack
  • Watching: Teen wolf, Legend of Korra, anything Batman
  • Playing: Batman Arkham City, Dragons: Rise of Berk
  • Drinking: Pear water
  • Eating: white chocolate Twix


26 jun 2o14

So! I have been a house owner for about two months now... I'ts starting to sink in or something. It feels better when Im there, just finished the renovation of the living room so will start to fill up with furniture next time I go (which will be on Monday). 
Pics may show up now and then.

Nothing new on the dog-front. My uncle keep saying "En sån hund skulle du ha" meaning something like "You'd have such a dog" referring to Argo, his swedish moose-hound. Yes, I want my own dog, so much it hurts. But when I say I cant have one cause Im working - he does not get it. There should be so much bitterness and sadness in my voice, but he is totally oblivious of this and just says - "That's sensible of you" and rants about other people ignoring such things and later have no time for the dogs or whatever. 
He does not understand how much it hurts me. Cause I want to do that insensible thing and just get a dog.
Still looking every day, several times a day at sales-adds, falling in love with dogs I can never get - breaking my heart every time in the process. There is this littler of Borzoi somewhere in the south part of the country - and they have to be among the most beautiful dogs I have ever seen, the add has been up several times for months, but they just cant seem to get them sold. So I see them popping up every now and then, thinking I could easily bring home two. But I cant.
Not to mention all the huskies and moosehounds out there - totally my kind of dog (in looks), but I dont skii or hunt so... Maybe I could start..? No...

Can at least start to bring Neo to the house now, it has been empty til now, but with some furniture starting to drop in next week, he wont be bored out of his mind - just think of the boxes! 
Still not desided if I should let him go out there either, he's six and has been an indoor cat always - so he has never learned what he can and cant or should'nt do outside. Maybe Im overprotective cause I love this guy to death, but I keep seing him getting hit by a car (even though not ten passes my house per day), get lost in the forest, climb a tree and not be able to get down or getting killed by a dog or a wild animal (there are bears in the woods there). So build an enclosure? Where? Would be easiest to have it by a house wall so he can go in and out by the window, but that wont work - to few walls! And to little room around them...

Work has been hard this week, everything that can go wrong has, and everything we never heard of has also gone wrong... Exhausted... Cant wait til I get back to my house...

Im gonna be alone forever... Yep...

  • Mood:  tired
  • Reading: Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton and The accidental werewolf by Dakota Cassidy
  • Listening to: The How to train your dragon-books by Cressida Cowel, think Im at How to twist a dragon's tale.
  • Watching: Teen wolf just started up again, Penny Dreadful, Beauty and the beast, saved Game of Thrones season four so am gonna watch all of it soon
  • Playing: Batman Arkham Origins, Dragons: Rise of Berk
  • Drinking: Pear soda, cocoa
  • Eating: Marshmallow-fluff


14 mar 2o14
So, Im back at work making money again, and what for? Not like I really have anything to spend it on. Still havent gotten the house, will sign papers and stuff in april, maybe... And will get the house in may or so. But Im working that week and the week after that so the earliest Ill get to go there is the 12th of may. Bleh.
Im fine with it, I am, Im just bitter as shit right now (and for the past few years or so). 
Just a little stressed out about all the work I need to do on the house. There are no major renovations (I hope, dont know about the electricity), just a few paintjobs and a kitchen-fan that needs installing. Just hope I have the motivation to do it when the day comes. 

And I can just forget ever getting a dog, a day-care-dog or a fosterdog or any kind of dog. Between work and the house there is simly no time. And everything is to iregular, I sometimes dont even know how Im gonna work next week, or next month, so cant make any plans. Have to just cease the moment all the time.

Damn, if I even get to pet a dog twice a year it feels like a lot... Sad really...

  • Mood:  Total sadness and hopelessness, mixed with indifference and a few panicattacks on the side. And tired, so friggin tired...
  • Reading: The Red Knight by Miles Cameron and Blood bound by Patricia Briggs
  • Watching: different shows, in the Mentalist, Jane was giving everyone what they always wanted as a kid but never got, wonder what he'd give me..?
  • Playing: Skyrim
  • Drinking: Zingo
  • Eating: toast

And why am I writing this here? Perhaps I actually want someone to find it and read it and actually care. But I guess people have enough of their own problems.


10 dec 2o13
Im at the point were I say SCREW IT, screw being responsible and wait til I get my life together, with a steady ground under my feet, and figure out what I want to do - for all I know that will take an other four and a half years. Im almost at the point where I get the dog first, to get a motivation to do something, and not just wilt away as I have been doing since my graduation four and a half years ago. I really need a really good carrot. Maybe my very own dog is just that?
However nothing will happen untill I have a house, but that is still some time away.

  • Mood: I have absolutly no clue
  • Listening to: soundtracks
  • Reading: Last argument of Kings, Joe Abercrombie (I know its the same book, but I cant even muster up the willpower to finish this even if I like it)
  • Watching: A buch of different shows, lots of DogWhisperer
  • Playing: Hellboy: The Sciens of evil and Cut the rope
  • Drinking: Hot coco and julmust (you figure out what that is)

11 nov 2o13
It has been a few months since I wrote the stuff below, and abolutely nothing has changed, except I am now without a job. Have been looking at a few houses, found one I really liked but it is in the wrong place. Not to mention a lot of "hidden" expences to it. Going away tomorrow to look at an other one, my dad really likes it, but he and I have very different ideas on what is adequate indoors. 

Lay thinking a lot of how my dreamhouse would look like, such a place dont exist. And if it did I will never have the money to buy it or build it. 

As for the dog-department it feels even more hopeless than before. Have had sooooo much extra time since my contract expired, and would have loved nothing more than a dog to spend it with, but then again - I have to have a job, and I might get back to my old one - and then Im back to being gone 9-13 hours a day. Feel so hopeless I just want to cry.

Looking at sales-ads every day, falls in love with a lot of dogs in the pics and break my heart over and over again when I cant go and get em. Why do I do that? Every time I get a litte more indifferent, and just dont care anymore, about anything. Instead of getting motivated to do something, to work towards a goal, to have something to look forward to.

I cant do anything anyway, so I just ignore or shut down. Cause that is how I deal with the world right now. Screw it.

  • Mood:  Depressed, sad, alone, indifferent, misunderstood 
  • Listening to: soundtracks
  • Reading: Last argument of Kings, Joe Abercrombie
  • Watching: 14 different shows - The Mentalist, Once upon a time, How I met your mother, Dracula, Grimm, Beauty and the Beast, Elementary, Sleepy Hollow, Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Arrow, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Legend of Korra and Defenders of Berk. And a few movies.
  • Playing: Assassins Creed (Im out of game at the moment but the next parts should land in the mailbox any day)
  • Drinking: Green Tea
  • Eating: chocolate

PS Added some dogs to the list below, and moved others around, but its just "for fun" anyway...


6 sep 2o13
Dogs, work and houses are the only things on my mind these days.

Damn, I'm at it again - looking through hundreds of dogpictures here on dA. Can sit for hours just scrolling down, finding and faving the golds among the silvers and coppers. 

Have wanted my own dog for so long, but have always been denied it from my parents, dad and animals have never been a good match, as soon as the animal does something they should not do. But the main reason was "allergies", dad is a little sensitive to fur but not as much as for example my aunt.

Never could hang on to any friends when I was a kid and I was always the third wheel among us three siblings. So I was, and still am, most of the time alone.

I do have Neo, my cat, and Tyra, the family cat, but they aren't enough anymore. I want to get out there. Just walking alone feels stupid. I want someone to grow with. And since me and humans just doesn't match - a dog is an obvious choice. BUT, I'm 22 going on 23, still living at home, got no steady job so no money rolling in, and say I did get a job, then I would be gone for most of the day so I can't have one anyway - cause I can't leave it alone all day. Unless I have a house with a joining outdoor kennel, so they can walk in and out of themselves to pee and such. But still, ten hous a day alone is a long time... And when I get home I'm supertired and then they need to get some exersize and food before bed and start all over again the next day.

Yes, I'm a born pessimist. Or realist. What's the difference?

And I like so many different kinds of dogs! And I have no idea what I want to do with them besides walking in the woods, mabey some agility and basic everyday training. Have no interest in competitions of dog-shows or such.
And I don't know what I am willing to do with a dog, how much time I'm prepaired to put down, in all weathers. I mean, when I sit the old brittany i walk him or bike with him, but he is not mine! I think I would be so much different with my own dog! One that has grown together with me, who can have a lazy day once in a while and some hyper-play-days sometimes. And just walk-and-enjoy-the-world-days.

I like such a wide variety of breeds, but mabey that is a good thing for finding the perfect dog?

Irish wolfhounds have been a favorit these past couple of years, I mean every time I see one my heart is pounding and I get all excited. But their care conserns me. They have a tendensy to get bloat, so feeding and exercising takes a lot of time, they have to be trimmed (easier to groom and keep them cleen if you do) and they have such short life span and such long list of health-issues. Makes me depressed just thinking of it...
Alternatives are Borzoi or Scottish Deerhound. Both generally timid breeds, but with less problems.
American Staff and Belgian shepherds, need more mental exercie than physical apart from the guys above. Not sure I have the energi and the imagination to keeps them satisfied... 
And for smaller dogs I have beed looking at Chihuahua, Schipperke and Basenji. Three very differnt dogs with different origins and needs...
And a ton of other breeds (mostly based on looks, I'm ashamed to say, but isn't that what gets your attention in the firts place, and then you can read up on them to see if it can work?). Like Finnish spiz, Norrbottensspets, Hälleforsare or Lajka (all hunting breeds). Or Saluki,  Alaskan Husky, Shiba, Saarloos WolfhoundFarao hound and Lapsk vallhund. Oh, and Great Pyrenees, if I ever got alpacas, so that they could guard them you know, but a tame polar bear in your livingroom aint so bad either.
For a while I was also tuned in on Bassethhound (the only hound I really like), Irish softcoated weathen terrier and Irish Terrier. All of these with so many different origins, and needs. And so many others...

New breeds that have come to my attention are Tamaskan, Mudi, Caanan dog, Xoloitzcuintle (with fur), Podenco ibicenco, Shorthair Collie and Silken Windhound.

And when I was a kid I liked Riesenschnauzer, Australian Shepherd and Jack russel terrier, but I grew out of these, and thought better of it.

Any dog that has a wild look to it, that resembles a Dingo or New guinea singing hound, just get extra long looks from me. That is how a dog is supposed to look like, they give a healthy vibe and give a taste of how dogs might have looked like before humans started to design them. And also how dogs look like after a long time without human interaction. Just look at street dogs, they have sertain body-type, even if constant new blood keep mixing it up. And camoflage is not so important in the cities so the colorations can be anything (even if black, tan and yellow are very dominant colors). Spaaaciiing...

But most dogs that look like that are mutts. I have nothing againts mutts, I might add, not really! I love how most of them look, but what concerns me is the insane combinations they sometimes are - and who buys them. People just buys a pretty puppy not knowing a thing about what they are getting or how to handle them.
I totally belive that dogs are Animals-Dogs-Breeds in that order so even if a dog has very conflicting instincts due to very different breeds in the mix,they can still be just dogs! before breed. And a dog works for his food, he explores, walks, runs, plays and so on. Just find something that matches the dog, and keep it under control, never allow the dog to get stressed because of something you are doing with him, so keep calm and be clear when you start and end any exersize.

I'm spacing out, loosing track, not uncommon when I write. Sry. There is just soooooooo much to write. Sry again for spelling errors, comp not set on English...

Did I mention I really want a dog? Or at least get a grip of my life so I maybe can get one before I die..? Not feeling very hopeful at the moment. Will in the meantime keep looking at not-knowing-how-lucky-they-are-idiots with dogs and prettys pics on the internet, and slowly kill myself with the depression...
  • Mood: Depressed
  • Listening to: soundtracks
  • Reading: The Black Mausoleum by Stephen Deas
  • Watching: Teen Wolf and Perception
  • Playing: Minion rush
  • Drinking: Strawberry/Kiwi fanta

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